Shawnee Mission South at Shawnee Mission West
Park Hill at Lawrence Free State
Kearney v Ray South
AWG Social Media

I made this overview of the social media services AWG provides for their member stores. 


AWG launched a new Customer Connect Center, or C3, in their marketing department. This video explains the concept. 

VSF Intro

Vital Sales Force is launching a machine that allows customers to not only buy, but activate a cell phone or tablet. This video is a product intro to show clients what the machine looks like. 

Solewear Intro

Solewear is a new shoe design startup. The rubber sole wears down through use to reveal when it is time to be replaced. The company logo slowly adding into view is meant to mimic that idea. 

Support Talkin' Touches on Patreon

This is a kick off video for a Patreon campaign. It was my first foray into Adobe After Effects.