UMKC Football

Like most great ideas, UMKC Football started on a barstool. What started out as a joke turned into a a sensation on Kansas City Twitter. University of Missouri Kansas City doesn’t actually have a football team. But what if they did?
Two friends and me set out to give Kansas City a college football team. We created a Twitter account, used a video game to create a roster full of football players who played in Kansas and Missouri, started a weekly show highlighting the previous week’s action, and got local media members talking about “what if UMKC had football?

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We play each game on EA Sports’ NCAA Football 14, and capture the footage. Then we select clips we want for the best story. I use Buffer to schedule the tweets for each game. After the games conclude I corral all the tweets using Wakelet, so people can easily find them.

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In the Pouch

Each week I created a short recap of the previous games. This is where storylines were advanced and additional information was given to viewers. I weaved my narration with play-by-play and outside voices to tell the story of Roos football.

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In order to make UMKC Football look like a real team, we created a variety of graphics for social media. These include rosters, game day announcements, player call-outs, and others. I wanted to use this opportunity to gain more experience as a graphic designer.